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Advantages of the Hoisting Method with the Back dumping Inclined Shaft Skip Car

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The inclined shaft skip lifting has its unique advantages compared with the vertical shaft skip lifting and inclined shaft tandem lifting, which are shown in the following aspects:

1. It is allowed to load large ores without underground crushing.

The section size of the car mouth of the back dump inclined shaft skip is large, and ore with a lump size of more than 500mm is allowed to be loaded.

2. Deep ore transportation in distributable open pit

For mines with engineering conditions from open-pit to underground mining, if they are constructed in advance, inclined shaft skips can be used to divert the transportation of deep ore in the open pit, thus reducing truck traffic, saving investment, reducing transportation costs, improving economic efficiency, reducing the reverse loading process of ore, and not affected by bad weather.

3. Low center of gravity, stable operation

Compared with inclined shaft tandem car, because the gauge of inclined shaft skip is generally wider than that of tramcar, the center of gravity is lower, and the dead weight is larger, the stability is good, which can improve the running speed and lifting capacity.

4. Safe and reliable operation

The back dump inclined shaft skip car uses a metering device to load ore. The skip rarely falls off the track because the ore is not easy to scatter on the track. Moreover, the traction wire rope is fixed to the skip, which will not cause a roadster accident due to the wrong operation of the uncoupling hook like the tandem car lifting.

5. Easy automation

Compared with inclined shaft tandem car, inclined shaft skip is mechanized operation, easy to manage and realize automatic control, thus reducing labor intensity.

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