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China Coal Group Wins 2024 Baidu Love Procurement Digital Intelligence Award
06-15 2024

On June 14th, China Coal Group, as a manufacturing dual-creation platform enterprise of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and a demonstration enterprise of "Modern Advantageous Industrial Cluster + Artificial Intelligence" of Shandong Province, was invited to attend the 3rd Baidu Love Purchasing Numerical Intelligence Conference in Qufu, Shandong Province, and China Coal Group won the 2024 Baidu Love Purchasing Numerical Intelligence Award by virtue of the outstanding contribution in the field of generative AI. Yu Cui, Executive Vice President of China Coal Group and General Manager of E-commerce Company, led the team to attend the conference on behalf of the Group.

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Jining Government Vice Mayor Zhang Dong And His Delegation Visit China Coal Group To Specialized Research
06-13 2024

In the afternoon of June 13, Zhang Dong, Vice Mayor of Jining Municipal Government, Ma Shuhua, Deputy Director of Municipal People's Congress and Former Secretary General of Municipal Government, Shan Chengquan, Deputy Secretary General of Municipal Government, Yu Lingdong, Director of Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Chief of the Third Section of Secretary of Municipal People's Government Office, and relevant personnel of Municipal People's Government Office accompanied by Zhao Lu, Deputy Director of the Studio of Municipal People's Congress of Jining Hi-Tech Zone, and their party came to China Coal Group to guide the investigation of the cross-border e-commerce industry. Chairman of China Coal Group Mr. Qu Qing, General Manager Mr. Han Yong, General Manager of Informatization of China Coal Group, General Manager of China Transportation Group Mr. Li Zhenbo, Executive Vice President of China Coal Group, General Manager of Manufacturing Company Mr. Shao Hua, Executive Vice President of Chi

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China Coal Group Sents New Suspended Mining Single Hydraulic Prop to Shanxi And Inner Mongolia
06-12 2024

On June 12, the new suspended mining single hydraulic prop independently developed and produced by China Coal Group was sent to Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and other places, which once again set off a sales frenzy.

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China Coal Group Ships A Batch Of Mining Flat Trucks To Wenzhou
06-11 2024

On June 11, a batch of high-performance mining flat trucks independently researched and produced by China Coal Group was about to embark on a journey, and its destination was Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, a coastal city in eastern China. This is not just an ordinary transportation of commodities, but the interplay of industrialized power and the pulse of the new era of development.

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China Coal Group Holds The First Half Of 2024 Business Analysis Meeting
06-08 2024

On June 8, the first half of 2024 business analysis meeting of China Coal Group was grandly held in the meeting room of the Group's headquarters, mainly focusing on the 321 strategic objectives formulated by the Group, comprehensively sorting out and summarizing the first half of the production and operation of the work situation, analyzing the causes of the problem, solving the problems and deficiencies in the current operation and sales work, judging the business situation and discussing the ideas and countermeasures, and arranging and deploying the work in the second half of the year. General Manager of China Coal Group Han Yong, members of the leadership team, general managers of e-commerce companies, plant managers of the Manufacturing Corporation, group companies and the heads of functional departments of more than 70 people attended the meeting.

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China Coal Group Mining Equipment Helps Yunnan Energy Construction
05-31 2024

On May 31st, a batch of high-specification mining flatbed trucks and mining doors independently researched and produced by China Coal Group, after strict quality testing and thorough logistic preparations, formally embarked on the journey and were sent to Qujing, Yunnan Province.

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Shandong Provincial Democratic Revolutionary Party Committee Leaders Visit China Coal Group To Conduct Special Research
05-30 2024

On the morning of May 30, Li Zhenyou, Secretary General of Shandong Provincial Committee of the Democratic Revolution, Zhang Shaochun, first-level senior supervisor of the Foreign Audit Division of the Provincial Audit Office and the main committee of the provincial financial branch of the DRC, Shi Xiufang, an expert of the DRC Provincial Committee of the DRC, the Chief Quality Engineer of Shandong Province Information Technology Industry Development Research Institute and the Director of the Provincial Information Technology and Industrialization Integration Evaluation Center, Shi Xiufang, the Vice President of the Longshan Honorary College of the Shandong University of Finance and Economics, a professor, and a doctoral scholar, and Li Qihang, Deputy Main Committee of Shandong University of Finance and Economics, DRC Li Qihang, vice-chairman of the branch of the Democratic Revolutionary Party Shandong University of Finance and Economics, and other leaders, accompanied by Zhang Hongjun

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Jining University Leaders Visit China Coal Group For Cooperation
05-29 2024

In the critical period of economic digital transformation, the close interaction between the education sector and the enterprise sector has become an important driving force for the development

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China Coal Group Sent A Variety of Mining And Construction Machinery Products To Yunnan, Jiangsu And Inner Mongolia
05-27 2024

On May 27th, China Coal Group's industrial park continued to show vigorous vitality, with rows of large transport vehicles loaded with carefully manufactured small excavators and high-performance stationary mining trucks slowly driving out of the factory gates, with their destinations reaching as far as the east and west of the motherland and the north and west of the motherland: Yunnan, Jiangsu, Inner Mongolia, which will provide strong power for the resource mining, infrastructure and livelihood projects in a number of regions in China.

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China Coal Group Attends 2024 South Asia Southeast Asia International Mining and Construction Machinery Exhibition and Returns with Honors
05-26 2024

On May 26, the three-day 2024 South and Southeast Asia International Mining Equipment and Construction Machinery Exhibition came to an end at Kunming Dianchi International Conference and Exhibition Center. As one of the important exhibitors in this exhibition, China Coal Group displayed nearly one hundred kinds of exhibits to show its hard-core strength, made a big splash at the exhibition, and signed one and another sales order at home and abroad, which demonstrated its incomparable technical strength to the world.

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