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At present, there are many kinds of trams for ore transportation in domestic mines, and large and medium-sized mines tend to use bottom dump and bottom side dump trams for transportation. Compared with other types of tramcars, these two types of tramcars can realize continuous loading and unloading

For the requirement of continuous ore loading, the vertical section of the bottom side dump car is inverted trapezoid, that is, the two ends are cantilever structures. In the design of 4m3 bottom side dump tramcar. The reinforcing rib of the bumper base only extends to half of the overhanging parts

1. As the electric locomotive cannot pass the unloading station, the 3t tramcar can only be pulled by the locomotive from the side track with wire rope when unloading. This non-stop operation mode is not only difficult to operate, but also directly threatens the life safety of the hookers.2. The ele

All kinds of transportation forms, such as transporting useful minerals and waste rocks excavated underground to the unloading station on the ground from the working place, or transporting workers and equipment to the designated working ground, are mine transportation or lifting.In mining, mine tran

This situation is usually eliminated by adjusting the position of the roller bearing seat. According to the specific situation, the following methods can be used to solve the problem.1. The rotation line of the drum itself is not vertical to the longitudinal centerline of the conveyor, which causes

The electric scraper has fast loading speed and short stay time on the working face, which can greatly reduce the exposure time of the mine room. Moreover, there is a cab to protect operators. Objects falling from the roof do relatively little harm to operators, which is conducive to avoiding person

1. The electric scraper is used to load ore and rock in the mine in full section, which is not limited by the operation width and transportation route; The loading width of the electric rock loader is only 2 m, and it needs to travel on the track. It is difficult to load ore beyond 1 m of the track.

The head frame can be divided into end unloading head frame and side unloading head frame according to the form of frame body. The end unloading head frame is mainly composed of pressing blocks, bottom plates, side plates, middle plate components, vertical ribs, etc.The base plate, middle plate and

1. The valve group and motor are precision hydraulic parts, and the cleanness of emulsion medium must be ensured; After the filter is used for a period of time, the filter element shall be cleaned or replaced with a new one, otherwise the system pressure and flow will be reduced when certain impurit

1. Cut off the power supply of the main engine power section and install the hydraulic chain tensioner.2. The high-pressure emulsion pipeline from the hydraulic support fluid supply system is connected to the chain tensioner filter device. Open the stop valve to start fluid supply. At this time, tur

The hydraulic chain tensioner is a scraper chain tensioner powered by a hydraulic motor. A branch pipeline is led out from the hydraulic support fluid supply system and connected to the hydraulic chain tensioner system fluid inlet. The valve group control handle is manually operated to realize the f

1. High strength wear-resistant steel is used. The results show that the strength and wear resistance of high manganese steel are better.2. Build up wear-resistant and corrosion resistant alloy at the chain path according to a certain pattern to make the scraper and chain slide on the weld and separ

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