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What is the significance of studying mine cars for mine transportation?

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All kinds of transportation forms, such as transporting useful minerals and waste rocks excavated underground to the unloading station on the ground from the working place, or transporting workers and equipment to the designated working ground, are mine transportation or lifting.

In mining, mine transportation plays an important role and is one of the main production processes of enterprises. In the transportation process, a large number of mechanical equipment are used to form a multi link transportation system from the mining work to the shaft bottom yard, which complicates the entire transportation process and requires considerable labor. Therefore, how to adopt a reasonable and safe transportation mode is an important guarantee for the reliable operation of the mine, and it is important for the mine production! Technical and overall indicators have a significant impact.

The main characteristics of mine transportation are: large transportation volume, many types, narrow roadway, uncertain transportation distance, complex and changeable routes! The working conditions are complex, maintenance and overhaul are difficult, and safety requirements are high.

Rail transportation and belt transportation are generally adopted for mine transportation. The characteristics of rail transportation are: during the transportation, due to the change of lines in different wells and the bending of transportation lines, the inclination of rail transportation is not limited, which can fully adapt to the actual working conditions of the mine. The above characteristics are more obvious in the horizontal roadway, which has basically realized mechanization. In terms of application, rail transportation and belt transportation are of equal importance. Since the use range of belt conveyor is proportional to the productivity, and the belt of the conveyor can not be fully used in the transportation section, and its selection requirements are based on the maximum tension required by the belt width and the block size of the material, and the cost of rubber belt recycling accounts for a large proportion of the transportation cost of the belt conveyor, from the perspective of economic efficiency, when the production efficiency is low, the cost of electric locomotive transportation is far lower than that of the belt conveyor.

From the above analysis and comparison, we can draw a conclusion that in the horizontal roadway, both electric locomotive transportation and rail transportation play an important role, and it has advantages that the belt transportation does not have. At present, there are mainly two aspects that can be studied to perfect and improve rail transport: one is to improve the efficiency of locomotive transport; The second is to improve the relevant work in the transportation process.

The main research direction of improving locomotive transportation is to use large volume tramcars and heavy locomotives, which can effectively improve the use efficiency of tramcars. This requirement will inevitably lead to further improvement of track quality. For the currently used curved rail side dump tramcar, higher requirements are required in the track and unloading curved rail. It not only has high curved rail strength, but also needs better unloading curve for unloading. In engineering practice, the destruction of the tramcar is mainly related to the curve shape of the unloading curved track, and the loss caused by this destruction is also huge, which also affects the production efficiency of mining.

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