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How is the function of the tramcar bump/buffering function of the tramcar bump reflected/ What will happen if the connector is damaged and not replaced in time?

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Considering the most unfavorable situation, it is assumed that the front and rear heads of several continuous tramcars are all damaged and fall off. At this time, when the tramcars are braked and stopped, a rigid collision between the head seats will occur. Since the bumper seat has no elasticity and the coefficient of restitution of the collision is large, the collision force is large. The kinetic energy of the collision is absorbed by the deformation of the whole tramcar, that is, a large stress is generated at the axle clamp of the frame, and the parts outside the axle clamp are subject to a large downward bending moment. However, because the frame is restrained by the wagon box of the mine car, the frame will not bend down significantly under the impact force, so this bending moment acts on the contact part between the headblock and the longitudinal beam head. The frequent collision of the mine car, the frame end will be frequently affected by this bending moment. The greater the impact force, the greater the deformation, the greater the bending moment, and the greater the frequent action of the larger bending moment, It will cause fatigue and fracture at the joint between the connector seat and the frame longitudinal beam. This is consistent with the actual situation that the connection between the headblock and the longitudinal beam of the frame was broken. According to the overall stress of the frame, the stress of the longitudinal beam is greater than that of the connector seat. This is also consistent with the situation that the frame often deforms at the axle clamp and causes the frame to fail in production practice.

It can be seen that the buffering effect of the contact is very important for the tramcar. Therefore, once the contact is damaged during the use of the tramcar, it must be replaced in time to ensure that the tramcar is protected by reliable buffering.

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