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How to effectively avoid inclined lane lifting sports car accidents/ Definition and Research of the Increased Safety Bottom Dump Car?

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The roadster accident of inclined lane lifting is an energy conversion under the unbalanced state. When the inclined roadway is lifted, if the traction force on the vehicle suddenly becomes zero or is less than the component force in the inclined direction of the vehicle, the potential energy of the vehicle will be rapidly reduced and transformed into huge kinetic energy under the effect of gravity acceleration, which will cause disastrous consequences. It is always the main idea to study the inclined lane lifting anti roadster to make the mine car have the same safety brake as the human driving. When the vehicle is sliding down at an overspeed, the rope is broken and the connector fails, and a roadster accident occurs, the safety brake can act immediately to control the vehicle to continue to slide. The claw type emergency brake installed on the tramcar not only makes the structure of the tramcar complex, but also increases the cost of the tramcar and maintenance costs. After the claw type emergency brake is installed on the tramcar, it can achieve reliable locking during the normal lifting process of the vehicle, and it can also act sensitively in the critical moment of a sports car accident. These are the difficulties in the research of the increased safety tramcar.

According to the installation idea of claw type safety brake for man and crane, claw type emergency brake can be installed for bottom dump tramcar. In order to simplify the action mechanism of the claw type emergency brake, the claw type safety brake block striking action mechanism for inclined shaft driving is changed into a thin steel wire rope traction claw connected with the main lifting steel wire rope. The brake block automatically falls and opens under the action of the main lifting steel wire rope. When the main lifting steel wire rope is tensioned under the force during the normal operation of the vehicle lifting, the thin steel wire rope pulls the claw, so that the claw opens, and the vehicle reaches the normal operation state; In case of a sports car accident, the main lifting wire rope will lose its tension. In case of a sports car accident, the main lifting wire rope will lose its tension. At the beginning of the following sports car or overspeed sliding, the vehicle will be reliably controlled under the original kinetic energy state.

By virtue of the automatic claw type safety gate, the increased safety bottom dump truck can control the overspeed running vehicles in the inclined roadway, reliably avoid the occurrence of inclined roadway lifting roadster accidents, ensure the safety of inclined roadway lifting, and generate huge safety benefits. The automatic brake lowering mechanism is not only simple in structure and reliable in action, but also easy to be applied and checked on site, which has high popularization and application value. In particular, in the process of inclined shaft and main mining area driving and lifting and waste dump lifting, the application of safety claw technology or safety enhanced bottom unloading mine car can realize the intrinsic safety of inclined roadway lifting.

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