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How to ensure the transportation capacity and meet the braking requirements of the stringing electric locomotive?

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1. Increase braking force

a. The braking force of the brake shoe of the locomotive is limited by the adhesion. In combination with the combination conditions, several mine cars with brakes can be added to the train. The mine car with gate is an automatic mine car with air pressure action, which is controlled by the locomotive driver.

b. Add a special brake car to the train.

2. Reduce vehicle speed

The average speed of the locomotive can be controlled by using the method of alternating series and parallel operation of the locomotive or parallel and power off inert operation. However, due to the change of the locomotive speed, the braking distance can not be guaranteed at high speed, and the braking performance is not ideal. By changing the transmission ratio of the locomotive, the locomotive can run at the specified constant low speed to ensure the braking reliability.

3. Improved brake shoe brake device operated by manual brake wheel

Reduce the brake idle travel time and brake idle travel distance to reduce the brake distance. Specific methods include:

a. The locomotive shall be equipped with air pressure equipment, and the current manual brake wheel operated brake shoe brake shall be changed into a combination of air pressure brake and hand brake.

b. Spring brake and manual brake wheel brake are both used. Normal braking is applied manually. In case of emergency braking, the spring applies pressure to the brake shoe to achieve braking, which can reduce the braking idle travel time below ls, greatly reduce the braking distance and improve the braking effect. However, emergency braking may lead to vehicle derailment.

c. The combination of hand braking and resistance braking is adopted. Resistance braking can maintain any constant braking force in a large speed range and obtain good braking effect.

d. The combination of manual braking and electromagnetic braking is adopted. The electromagnetic braking is realized by using the electromagnet installed on the locomotive to attract the rail. When combined with the hand brake, it can double the braking force and shorten the braking distance by half. The disadvantage of this braking mode is that it is easy to scratch the rail, and it is generally used for emergency braking.

e. Add hydraulic equipment on the locomotive and use oil pressure braking to reduce the brake idle travel time to less than 0.5s. The brake force can be adjusted at will. The brake cylinder travel can be automatically adjusted with the brake shoe wear to keep the brake shoe clearance constant. In addition, the structure is firm and shockproof, which is convenient for maintenance.

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