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How to improve SGB-420/30 scraper conveyor to make it more efficient?

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There are many parts in the head frame of SGB-420/30 scraper conveyor, among which the sprocket assembly is relatively important. During the regular maintenance of the scraper conveyor, it was found that the assembly of the sprocket components was relatively complicated, difficult, and took a long time. The root cause of this problem was that the sprocket and the output shaft were matched by splines, while the sprocket and the bushing were matched by flat keys. Once the error was too large during the assembly process, the sprocket would be staggered, In this way, the scraper chain that causes the endless cycle returns to drift chain failure. In addition, in the process of assembling the tiles, it is also necessary to pay attention to the four flat keys. All the upper, lower, left and right tiles should be symmetrical, and the two tiles also need to be symmetrical, which requires more people to cooperate in the assembly process, which wastes a lot of manpower and time, is not very efficient, and the labor intensity of workers is high.

First of all, some components in the machine head are transformed. From the structural performance of SGB-420/30 scraper conveyor, it can be seen that there are relatively many procedures for the assembly of sprockets, flat keys and pads, which makes the whole process very complicated, not only increasing the labor intensity of workers, but also taking a lot of time. Therefore, it was decided to reform it by fixing the flat key on the sprocket and opening a symmetrical keyway on the pad. After such transformation, during the assembly process, the installation procedure of the four flat keys was simplified, and the coordination between the left side and the right side sprocket teeth became simpler, which not only further reduced the labor intensity of workers, but also saved a lot of time, effectively ensuring the installation speed and quality of the SGB-420/30 scraper conveyor.

Secondly, the circular chain shall be transformed. It can be seen from the chute technical parameters of SGB-420/30 scraper conveyor that three chains composed of 15 link circular chains are just long enough to extend one chute. On the premise of not removing the number of link circular chains, the circular chain required for one chute can be divided into eight five link turnbuckles, each of which is 50 mm long × 250mm+400mm=2400mm, just in line with the length of one chute. To this end, the circular chain of one chute can be divided into eight five link chains on average, and then connected together with a connecting ring, so that one chute can be extended at the mining face, and the rest will all use three 17 link circular chains. One link chain will be removed for each extended chute, until all eight are used up, and continue to circulate. This method not only solves the problems in the use of the circular chain, but also makes the material management more convenient.

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