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Negative impact of tail chute device on TD75 universal fixed belt conveyor?

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1. The coal scuff at the tail of the belt conveyor is always in contact with the running belt. During operation, sliding friction between the two causes severe wear on one-third and two-thirds of the belt, which makes the belt reach the scrapping standard in advance and reduces the service life of the belt. At the same time, it also causes frequent replacement of the coal baffle and a large amount of material consumption.

2. When the feeding of the tail chute of the belt conveyor is not in the center of the belt, the overall deviation of the belt conveyor is often caused, which brings great hidden danger to the safety production and the safe operation of the equipment. Due to the large outlet of the chute at the tail of the machine and the different source directions of the materials above the chute, the materials will be left or right, which will cause the overall deviation of the belt and make the equipment operate in an unsafe state. In this case, the deflection adjusting idler cannot be used for adjustment. The common method is to weld the deflector at the chute outlet, and the welding deflector requires repeated tests of observation, welding, re observation, and re welding to weld the appropriate deflector.

3. When the belt conveyor stops running due to production accidents, there will be silted coal at the tail of the machine. When the problem is solved and the machine starts again, the silted coal in the tail chute and the coal baffle will cause a huge friction resistance between the coal baffle and the belt. This friction resistance exceeds the load of the equipment, thus causing the equipment to fail to start normally. When the equipment at this level stops suddenly while the superior equipment is still running, it will cause silting coal in the tail chute and coal baffle of the equipment at this level. As the pressure generated by the silted coal in the chute is relatively large, the whole pressure is pressed on the coal baffle and the tail belt, which makes the friction between them larger. In addition, the load on the belt will greatly exceed the load of the motor under normal circumstances, resulting in the inability to start the car or the phenomenon of motor protection power loss. If the work frequency of the post is heavy, the motor or electrical appliance will be burned, which further aggravates the accident.

4. Wear of coal baffle and deviation of belt will cause coal scattering at the chute at the tail of the machine, which may affect the site health, or cause belt tearing and accidents. As the belt contacts with the trough idler and presents a bending state, its vertical projection width is only 1070mm, and there will be no coal scattering under the condition that the coal retaining skin is intact. When the coal apron is seriously worn and damaged to a certain extent, when the belt deviation reaches the edge of the idler, the coal will be scattered from the worn part of the coal apron, and the coal stacked on both sides of the belt conveyor or on the lower belt will be taken to the tail drum, causing belt deviation, which will lead to a major production accident.

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