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Safety Technical Measures For The Maintenance Of Adjustable Props

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In order to ensure the safety and reliability of the use of the hydraulic prop, it is necessary to ensure that the technical and safety requirements of the maintenance process, according to the structural composition and characteristics of the hydraulic bracket, in accordance with the maintenance steps and attention in the maintenance process can be well completed the maintenance of the acrow prop, to achieve the safety of production under the premise of saving money and increasing efficiency.


Wave pressure bracket maintenance in the demolition of the acrow prop high pressure pipeline, must be the total valve off, and the operation handle to the left and right to move a little, back to the liquid, and then use a 40x 40MM2 old belt pressed on the quick connector, can be allowed to pry U-shaped card, the operator is strictly prohibited to put his head close to the quick connector.

When repairing the hydraulic prop, it is strictly forbidden for persons not related to the operation to pass through, i.e. stay or work in the scope of this bracket or the left and right two brackets. Bracket I must operate the bracket between the four columns of the bracket, and no part of the body may extend beyond the bracket. East bracket maintenance when replacing bracket parts, maintenance staff must stand in a safe place above the repaired parts diagonally, and must use 14# lead wire or 12.5MM small rope buckle to tie, in order to prevent the parts from accidentally falling down and tipping over and injuring people.

The adjustable props maintenance staff should make a good maintenance record, write down the maintenance support number, maintenance parts. If you want to oil and overhaul the coal miner drum, leave space for overhaul in advance. After the upper part of the coal miner is cut diagonally into the knife, here the bracket does not move, the hydraulic prop telescopic beam will be extended to connect the solid roof, and will be pushed out of the tail of the machine and This section of the scraper conveyor is pulled back. If the roof in front of this section is more than 0.34M, use a plank beam to hold the roof in front of the hydraulic prop.


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