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Signing Overseas! China Coal Group and Djibouti Businessmen Signed Long-term Purchase Cooperation Agreement on Construction Equipment

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On November 10, Djibouti merchants visited China Coal Group to purchase engineering machinery and equipment. Li Zhenbo, General Manager of Informatization of China Coal Group and General Manager of China Transportation Group, Yu Cui, Executive Vice President of China Coal Group and General Manager of E-commerce, and Zhang Xing, General Manager of Cross-border E-commerce Company of China Coal Group and Vice General Manager of China Transportation Group, and other leaders warmly received the visiting merchants.



Accompanied by Mr. Li and other leaders, the Djibouti businessmen successively visited China Coal Group's intelligent manufacturing achievements showroom, intelligent equipment showroom, intelligent equipment manufacturing digital workshop and construction machinery workshop, and the staff introduced in detail the company's product information, technological strength, after-sales service system, and relevant cases of cooperation to the visiting businessmen. In the product performance testing session, the product testing effect was more comprehensively and intuitively displayed to the businessmen. The two sides carried out in-depth exchanges on some technical difficulties, and the technicians gave detailed answers to all kinds of questions raised by the customers. The good working environment, orderly production process, strict quality control and advanced production equipment, as well as the rich professional knowledge and strong working ability of the technicians of our group were highly evaluated by the customers.



After the visit, the two sides conducted in-depth and friendly consultations on further strengthening cooperation and promoting common development, and signed a long-term purchase cooperation agreement on engineering machinery and equipment on the spot. Djibouti businessmen said that China Coal Group has rich experience and innovative concepts in the fields of intelligent equipment manufacturing and engineering machinery manufacturing, etc. They have gained a lot from this visit and look forward to more cooperation in the future.



As a leading construction machinery and equipment manufacturer in China, China Coal Group has won a good reputation in the domestic and international markets by virtue of mature technology, energy-efficient products and good reputation, providing reliable solutions for domestic and international customers. Here, we would like to thank the new and old customers at home and abroad for their support and love, China Coal Group will continue to uphold the original heart, carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship, and continue to improve the technical strength of independent products, to create high-quality equipment, and to return to the majority of customers with better quality products and sincere service.

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