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Specific Measures Related To Hydraulic Prop Maintenance

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In industrial production or other tasks, various tools are always used. Once these tools appear, problems in use will have a particularly large impact on us, because thetools are put into use. It is the hope that we can continuously improve the efficiency of work. Therefore, one of the issues that Shandong hydraulic prop manufacturers have to talk about today is that the wave pressure support maintenanceshould be done in the same way, and how can it be completed in a relatively short time. Moreover, Shandong hydraulic prop manufacturers are relatively clear about what steps can be taken to improve the efficiency of maintenance and put the machine into use again as soon as possible.

So how does the Shandong hydraulic prop manufacturer do it? In fact, the first thing to consider is the more important components of the acrow prop, because these components have a very close maintenance connection.

For example, in the maintenance of the guard plate, gas cutting is used to cut off the curling or burrs of each part of the side guard plate, and then the cracked part of the welding seam between the bottom plate and the main rib ear plate is cut to remove the welding cracks. , And hydraulic acrow prop repair work can effectively deal with severe deformation and some severely damaged parts, and at the same time, it can be shaped with a hydraulic press to update the structural parts with severe deformation that affect the performance of the acrow prop.

Then, for example, the maintenance of the top beam of a adjustable props requires the use of gas cutting to cut off the engraving of the spliced ear seat, and the damaged joints, cut off the serious deformation of the top beam, and cut off the damaged side guards. Board line bit block.

Next, if the hydraulic prop is locally deformed, the adjustable props can be repaired by using a hydraulic press to carry out the shaping work. If there is a large area of deformed side guards, you need to use a special correction table, and oxygen is suitable for heating. Rectify the cylinder. For some welded seams that have cracks, they need to be spread out for cleaning, and then re-welded after preheating. Welding stress is required when the top beam is welded. For structural parts that affect the performance and deformation, they need to be updated again.

Therefore, we can clearly understand how acrow prop maintenance should do such work, and it can indeed help us achieve the purpose of maintenance faster and solve more practical problems.


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