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Ten Years of Endeavors and New Chapters--Documentary of the Development of China Coal Group in the Industrial Park

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Ten Years Of Time Flies, Ten Years Of Spring And Fall.

Ten Years' Journey Is Like A Rainbow, Ten Years' Catching Up And Surpassing.

Ten Years Of Hard Work, Ten Years Of Fruitful Achievements.

November 7, 2023 is a memorable day for China Coal Group. Ten years ago today, China Coal Group, with its strong comprehensive strength and good reputation in the industry, successfully bid for and acquired the land parcel of China Coal Group Industrial Park, which is where we are located nowadays - China Coal Group Industrial Park.




Looking back at the ten-year journey, China Coal Group, rooted in fertile soil, has made great strides and taken firm steps, focusing on its main responsibilities, promoting green development, deepening scientific and technological innovation, making every effort to carry out reforms, strengthening the leadership of party building, and fulfilling its social responsibilities, and has made great strides in multi-dimensional progress and delivered eye-catching results in various fields, and strides forward in high-quality development.




Ten years of "gathering" changes, "counting" ten years, behind the harvest is the struggle, is the hope, but also the majestic power to move forward in the new journey.

Strengthen the main business and strive to be the pioneer of reform and innovation. Founded in 1994, China Coal Group has 47 holding companies at home and abroad, and has set up companies and overseas warehouses in the United States, the United Kingdom, Mongolia and other countries and regions, with more than 1,100 employees, it is a large-scale diversified group that integrates intelligent equipment manufacturing, e-commerce, information science and technology, software research and development, big data, film and television media, education and training, and science and technology incubation, with mining machinery and construction machinery as the leader. It is a large-scale diversified group with cross-region and cross-industry. It has been awarded more than 300 honors, such as Manufacturing Shuangchuang Platform Enterprise, China Machinery Industry Excellent Enterprise, E-commerce Demonstration Enterprise, China Internet E-commerce Industry Excellent Enterprise, E-commerce Integration Innovation and Innovation Demonstration Enterprise, National Pilot Project Enterprise of New Consumption, Enterprise of Typical Cases of Enterprises going to the Cloud, Excellent Enterprise of Science and Technology Innovation, Enterprise of Outstanding Contribution to Industry in Shandong Province, and Shandong Province Antelope Enterprise, etc.


Over the past ten years, China Coal Group has made remarkable achievements in the industries of intelligent manufacturing of coal mining machinery and construction machinery, e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce, information technology, big data, industrial Internet, science and technology research and development, film and media, and education and training, which are evident to all.

Ten years of wind and rain, ten years of innovation. China Coal Group adheres to the goal of "building the most competitive large-scale intelligent manufacturing group in the world, and creating an excellent and efficient internationalized enterprise", takes high-quality development as the main line, and makes every effort to build a six-excellent enterprise with "beautiful environment, excellent index, excellent performance, high-quality products, excellent team, and priority in innovation". "We will strengthen the "three-excellent management", make every effort to increase production and efficiency, take fine management as the key, implement the whole-process, whole-factor, whole-quantitative production cost control mode, strive to improve the quality of production and operation, actively integrate the advantageous resources, and insist on the development of a new pattern of diversified industries, so as to contribute to the expansion and strengthening of the Coal Group and the development of the company's business. It has made outstanding contributions to the enlargement and strengthening of China Coal Group and the development of local economy.



Ten years of combing wind and rain, ten years of spring and fall. China Coal Group adheres to the party building to lead the development, innovation to drive the development, and reform to empower the development, and has forged a team of workers with good quality, excellent skills, pragmatic, united and efficient; explored and summarized a large number of safety, environmental protection, quality, process, equipment control measures and experience; developed and applied a series of utility model patents with independent intellectual property rights and software copyrights; and built a clean, clean, harmonious and beautiful site environment, clean, harmonious and beautiful site environment, won the double harvest of economic and social benefits, and realized high-quality development.



Strong science and technology, the courage to take the lead in self-reliance and self-improvement. Talent is the core of science and technology innovation, and the key to winning the future. In the construction of talent team, China Coal Group also introduces and cultivates talents through innovative initiatives, creates a "strong magnetic field" to gather talents, and stimulates the vitality of enterprise production and development. Focusing on industrial demand, technology research and development, results transformation, production and application, each company of the group integrates talents, information and technology to build a collaborative innovation and scientific research platform, and now has a research and development team consisting of middle and senior engineers, which is mainly engaged in the research and development, design and production of intelligent robots, intelligent mining equipment and construction machinery of China Coal Group's own brand.

At present, the Group owns more than 100 trademarks at home and abroad, and has registered the trademark "China Coal" in 38 countries and regions around the world, and has obtained the right to use the trademark of China Coal in 27 member states of the European Union, as well as in Russia, the United Kingdom, Mongolia, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Israel; and it owns 139 national patents, of which 17 are invention patents, 122 are utility model patents, and 83 are national computer software copyright certificates. We have 139 national patents, including 17 invention patents and 122 utility model patents, and 83 national computer software copyright certificates.




Responsibility, to devote themselves to public welfare undertakings to practice for the people to bear. Wood flourishes only when the roots are deep and the leaves grow thick. Over the past ten years, China Coal Group has been enthusiastically participating in social welfare and donation activities, adhering to the virtue and goodness of the world, feeding the society with corporate social responsibility, and donating more than 5 million yuan for earthquake relief, helping the poor and needy, and the cause of honor and glory. During the epidemic period, the Group has been awarded a number of honors, such as the Ministry of Science and Technology Science and Technology Anti-Epidemic Advanced Achievement Enterprise, Shandong Province Big Data Epidemic Prevention and Control Platform Recommendation List Enterprise, Shandong Province Industrial Internet and Cloud Service Providers to Help Enterprises Resumption of Work and Production Enterprise, and so on. Through various forms of public welfare activities, China Coal Group returns the support from all walks of life and demonstrates its corporate responsibility of serving and contributing to the society.

Ten years of endeavor, engraved with brilliance. The past is magnificent, the future journey is like a rainbow, standing on a new historical starting point, China Coal Group will firmly grasp the superimposed opportunities of the new era of major national strategic policies, not forgetting the original intention, remembering the mission, unswervingly listening to the party, unswervingly following the party, successive efforts, pioneering and enterprising, and in the course of the history of the journey to create brilliant performance, to continue to write a new chapter in the new era of high-quality development, and to help the local economic and social development and contribute to the power of the local economy. The company will make greater contributions to the local economic and social development.

China Coal Group Sents New Suspended Mining Single Hydraulic Prop to Shanxi And Inner Mongolia
12 June 2024

On June 12, the new suspended mining single hydraulic prop independently developed and produced by China Coal Group was sent to Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and other places, which once again set off a sales frenzy.

China Coal Group Ships A Batch Of Mining Flat Trucks To Wenzhou
11 June 2024

On June 11, a batch of high-performance mining flat trucks independently researched and produced by China Coal Group was about to embark on a journey, and its destination was Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, a coastal city in eastern China. This is not just an ordinary transportation of commodities, but the interplay of industrialized power and the pulse of the new era of development.

China Coal Group Holds The First Half Of 2024 Business Analysis Meeting
08 June 2024

On June 8, the first half of 2024 business analysis meeting of China Coal Group was grandly held in the meeting room of the Group's headquarters, mainly focusing on the 321 strategic objectives formulated by the Group, comprehensively sorting out and summarizing the first half of the production and operation of the work situation, analyzing the causes of the problem, solving the problems and deficiencies in the current operation and sales work, judging the business situation and discussing the ideas and countermeasures, and arranging and deploying the work in the second half of the year. General Manager of China Coal Group Han Yong, members of the leadership team, general managers of e-commerce companies, plant managers of the Manufacturing Corporation, group companies and the heads of functional departments of more than 70 people attended the meeting.

Shandong China Coal Mining Support Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in the 1990s with more than 1100 employees. It now has 53 professional companies, 3 Hong Kong companies, 1 British Cayman company and 1 American company. It is a large diversified industrial group integrating intelligent equipment manufacturing, e-commerce, software research and development and intelligent logistics, which is cultivated and supported by the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of Commerce, the development and Reform Commission, Shandong Province and Jining City.
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