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What are the abnormal noises of DJ type high angle belt conveyor/ How to judge equipment failure according to the abnormal noise of DJ type high angle belt conveyor?

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During the operation of DJ type high inclination belt conveyor, its driving device, driving roller, reversing roller and idler group will make abnormal noise. The equipment failure can be judged according to the abnormal noise.

1. The noise when the idler is seriously eccentric.

When the belt conveyor is running, the idler often has abnormal noise, accompanied by periodic vibration. Especially the return idler, because of its large length, self weight, noise is relatively large. There are two main reasons for the noise: first, the wall thickness of the seamless steel pipe used to manufacture the idler is uneven, resulting in a large centrifugal force; Second, the deviation between the center of the bearing holes at both ends and the center of the outer circle is large, which makes the centrifugal force too large. The bearing can be used continuously without damage and noise.

2. Noise when two shafts of the coupling are not concentric.

Abnormal noise at the coupling between the motor and the reducer at the high speed end of the drive device or the coupling with the brake wheel. This noise is also accompanied by vibration with the same rotational frequency as the motor. In case of such noise, the position of motor reducer shall be adjusted in time to avoid fracture of reducer input shaft.

3. Abnormal noise of the reversing drum and the driving drum.

The turning drum and drive drum make little noise during normal operation. In case of abnormal noise, the bearing is generally damaged and the bearing seat makes a gurgling noise. At this time, the bearing should be replaced.

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