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What are the common handling methods for belt conveyor deviation?

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For the deviation of the belt conveyor, corresponding measures should be taken to adjust it. The key is to eliminate the unbalanced driving force on both sides of the conveyor belt and the side force on the belt. For the deviation caused by the installation error, the installation error must be eliminated first; The reconnection of the belt joint; The deformed frame shall be reshaped, and if it is serious, it must be reinstalled. Specific adjustment methods for running deviation are as follows:

1. Adjusting idler group

When the conveyor belt of the belt conveyor deviates in the middle of the entire belt conveyor, adjust the position of the idler group to adjust the deviation. In order to facilitate the adjustment, the installation holes on both sides of the idler bracket are machined into long holes. This method can eliminate the deviation of the belt conveyor due to the skew of the rack, uneven distribution of mineral materials and uneven distribution of mineral materials.

2. Adjust the position of drive drum and turning drum

The adjustment of drum is an important part of belt conveyor deviation adjustment. The installation position axis of all pulleys in the belt conveyor must be perpendicular to the center line of the belt conveyor in the length direction. If the deflection is too large, deviation will occur. As the adjustment distance of the drive drum is limited, generally, adjust the axis line of the drive drum to be perpendicular to the length direction of the belt conveyor, and then use the screw tensioning device or the hammer tensioning device to adjust the position of the rear turning drum bearing seat. This method can effectively eliminate belt deviation caused by belt looseness and rack skew.

3. Install the centering idler group

The belt deviation in the middle of the whole belt conveyor is often prevented by installing centering idlers. The principle of deflection prevention is to use the idlers to rotate in the horizontal plane to block or generate lateral thrust to make the belt automatically centripetal to adjust the belt deviation. Generally, it is reasonable to use this method when the total length of the belt conveyor is short or the belt conveyor operates in both directions. The reason is that the shorter belt conveyor is easier to deviate and is not easy to adjust. It is better not to use this method for long belt conveyor, because the use of centering idler group will have a certain impact on the service life of the belt.

4. Adjustment of tensioning position

According to the tensioning form, it can be divided into: heavy hammer tensioning and mechanical tensioning. In addition to being perpendicular to the belt length, the two reversing rollers at the upper part of the counterweight tensioning position should also be perpendicular to the gravity vertical line, that is, ensure that the axis centerline is horizontal. When screw tensioning is used, the two bearing seats of the tensioning roller shall be translated at the same time to ensure that the roller axis is vertical to the longitudinal direction of the belt. The specific adjustment method of belt deviation is similar to that of the drum.

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