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What are the common problems of resistance speed regulating locomotives at present?

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Generally, the stringing electric locomotive is switched through mechanical contact components, and the motor terminal voltage is adjusted by controlling the series and parallel connection of motors and the series and parallel connection of speed regulating resistors to achieve the control of locomotive speed. Generally, 8-13 level speed control is adopted. Due to the large current change between speeds at all levels, the locomotive has large impact force and mechanical wear. At the same time, there is no other protection device except overcurrent section switch in the whole locomotive line. In addition, the poor working conditions of the mine, non-standard operation of the driver and other reasons make the following problems common to the resistance speed regulating electric locomotive:

1. Stepped speed regulation: the locomotive has large starting current, small starting torque, unstable starting and running, and is prone to safety accidents.

2. Due to the large change of current between speeds at all levels, heavy wear of locomotive machinery, and serious burning of the driver's switch, it is almost necessary to replace them every day, resulting in a large amount of worker maintenance and high maintenance costs.

3. The voltage and current protection circuits are not complete, and there is no over-voltage, undervoltage and over-current protection. When the locomotive motor fails, the sudden change of current cannot be limited, causing DC arcing, which not only burns the contact group in the driver's control, but also easily causes personal injury due to arcing fire.

4. Energy waste, the energy consumed by the heating of speed regulating resistor is a waste.

5. It is impossible to protect the motor. Once the motor is overcurrent, it can only be allowed to be burnt. The loss to users is predictable.

6. The damage to the mechanical transmission system caused by unstable starting is unavoidable.

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