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What are the dedusting methods of large inclined belt conveyor?

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1. Centralized dust removal

In the dust removal process, dust collecting hood, conveying pipeline, bag filter, induced draft fan and chimney are used. Its disadvantages are large investment, low dust capture rate, easy blockage of horizontal pipes, which affects the capture rate; Large exhaust volume and high operation cost; The dust remover, induced draft fan and chimney cover a large area, the pipeline is complex, the diameter of the main pipeline is large, there are many branch pipes, and the pipeline is long; There are many valves in the system, and the balance and adjustment of system air volume are complex; Full time operation and maintenance personnel and dust transportation equipment are required.

The biggest difficulty in dust removal of the existing large inclined belt conveyor is dust collection and transportation. Its belt guide groove is equipped with a conical cover, which is integrated with the dust transmission pipeline. In order to avoid dust overflowing the capture cover, the guide chute must be under negative pressure; In order to avoid dust deposition in the pipeline, high air volume must be used for transportation. Both factors require strong power. Once the dust is deposited in the pipeline, the exhaust efficiency will be greatly reduced, the negative pressure state in the collection hood will be destroyed, and the dust will overflow the collection hood, which will greatly reduce the collection efficiency. A large inclined belt for bag type dust removal is used. After one or two years of operation, the dust removal pipe is blocked, the dust removal system is paralyzed, and the dust at the dust raising point is flying. On the other hand, a certain amount of materials and dust are deposited between the guide chute and the corrugated rib. When the belt enters the inclined part, the accumulated materials and dust slide off the baseband of the belt, causing secondary dust pollution.

2. Decentralized dust removal.

Decentralized dedusting is to form a dedusting system by relatively centralizing the dust source positions of the large inclined belt conveyor or by gathering several dust source points on the same production section. The system pipeline is short, the pipe diameter is small, the equipment layout is convenient, and the operation can be interrupted. The dedusting facilities can be interlocked with the theme equipment. When there is no pollution, the dedusting system can be stopped. The dust nature is simple, which is convenient for recycling. The dedusting equipment is distributed near the dust source or workshop, Production operators can establish management and operation. However, this dedusting method has a large number of equipment, occupies a certain site, and requires a dust discharge device, which leads to high equipment investment.

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