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What are the main detection methods for belt conveyor faults at present?

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The methods used in the monitoring system of belt conveyor are not direct methods. Because it is difficult to select a direct method to detect the faults of the belt conveyor. At present, only indirect methods are available:

1. Speed detection of belt backup pulley

The belt conveyor operates correctly, the belt drives the backup pulley to rotate, and the speed of the backup pulley will change in case of overload, slipping, belt breakage and other faults. Therefore, the operation of the belt conveyor can be monitored and faults can be detected by detecting the speed of the backup pulley. However, this method has disadvantages:

a. When the belt conveyor is overloaded and slipping, the speed of the belt backup pulley will decrease. It is difficult to tell when the speed of the backup wheel is overloaded and when it is slipping.

b. Moreover, when the belt is scratched, it is difficult to detect the speed of the backup pulley alone.

This method is effective for detecting broken belt, disconnected coupling and overload. For longitudinal tear of the belt. It is difficult to detect the deviation. At present, the detection method for longitudinal tear and deviation is to select different sensors and adopt different detection methods.

2. Several methods for detecting longitudinal tear

a. The magnetic detector is set at equal distance in the longitudinal direction from the transverse direction of the belt to both sides, and the detection device that can send a certain signal induced by the change of magnetic field of the magnetic detector is installed. It is a detection method characterized by using a detection device to detect the magnetic field change of the magnetic detector, so as to measure the longitudinal tear of the belt.

Wire with high permeability shall be buried in the belt, such as permalloy, silicon steel, pure iron, etc. Magnetize it with a permanent magnet. The detection device detects the change of magnetic field and converts it into voltage signal. If longitudinal tearing occurs, the wire with high permeability will break, so the voltage signal is zero.

b. The longitudinal tear of the belt is detected by embedding the wire in the belt and detecting whether the wire is conductive.

c. Strap type longitudinal tear sensor. The tear detector keeps the trigger mechanism of the switch in normal state when the cable is in normal state. When the foreign matter pierces the belt surface and touches the cable, it drives the cable to make the cable produce displacement, causing the trigger mechanism to act and output the tear shutdown signal.

3. Belt deviation detection

The proximity switch is generally used to detect the belt deviation. The proximity switch belongs to a position sensor with switching value output. When the belt deviates, the proximity switch will act and send a signal. Proximity switches are capacitive, inductive, Hall, etc.

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