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What are the processing technologies for the middle groove?

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The processing amount of the middle groove is mainly concentrated on the manufacturing of the groove side steel and the connection of the groove side with the middle plate and the back plate.

Rolling process is often used for groove side steel in traditional process. Except that the medium single chain of the light scraper conveyor is made of cold rolled channel side steel, others are made of hot rolled channel side steel. The specification of split rolling groove side is larger than that of common rolling groove side, but the welding process of the middle groove is complex, the welding workload is large, and it is easy to deform. The groove side is made of rolled steel, and its surface is smoother than that of cast steel with less friction.

From the perspective of development, the casting groove side is showing more and more advantages. The groove end in the middle of the integrally cast groove side becomes a part of the casting groove side, and higher strength connectors can be used to achieve bolt free connection and accurate positioning between grooves.

At present, the fully cast non welded middle groove has been developed. The special vacuum casting technology is adopted. The high-strength wear-resistant alloy TNZ-12 is selected as the material. Arc and smooth transition are widely used in the appearance and structure to effectively avoid the collision of the scraper. Moreover, the contact area between the scraper and the inner side of the groove is large, the contact pressure is small, and the lubrication component is added to the material to effectively reduce friction. Recycling can be realized by recycling and remelting the middle tank whose service life reaches the limit.

For the conventional middle groove, the welding of groove side and middle plate, groove side and back plate accounts for more than 80% of the welding work. Therefore, the improvement of the welding efficiency and weld quality of the groove side, the middle plate and the back plate will directly affect the overall manufacturing efficiency and weld quality of the scraper conveyor.

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