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What are the reasons for belt deviation of belt conveyor?

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1. Belt deviation caused by installation

The installation quality of the belt conveyor has the greatest impact on the belt deviation. The belt deviation caused by the installation error is the most difficult to deal with. The installation error is mainly:

a. The conveyor belt joint is not straight. The tension on both sides of the belt is uneven, and the belt always deviates to the side with high tension.

b. The rack is skewed. The rack deflection includes the deflection of the center line of the rack and the high and low tilt of both sides of the rack, both of which can cause serious deflection and are difficult to adjust.

c. The pressure of rubber plates on both sides of the guide chute is uneven. Due to the uneven pressure of the rubber plate, the running resistance on both sides of the belt is inconsistent, resulting in belt deviation.

2. Belt deviation caused by running

a. Deviation caused by sticking of roller and idler. After the belt conveyor has been running for a period of time, due to the certain viscosity of mineral aggregate, some mineral powder will stick to the drum and idler, making the drum or idler local diameter larger, causing uneven tension on both sides of the belt, resulting in belt deviation.

b. Deflection caused by belt looseness. After the adjusted belt runs for a period of time, due to deformation or aging caused by belt stretching, the tension of the belt will decrease, resulting in belt relaxation and belt deviation.

c. Deviation caused by uneven mineral aggregate distribution. If the belt does not deflect when idling, it will deflect when running under heavy load, indicating that the mineral aggregate is unevenly distributed on both sides of the belt. The uneven distribution of mineral aggregate is mainly caused by the incorrect falling direction and position of mineral aggregate. If the mineral aggregate deviates to the left, the belt deviates to the right, and vice versa.

d. Deviation caused by vibration during operation. The mechanical vibration of the belt conveyor during operation is inevitable. The faster the belt is running, the greater the vibration, and the greater the belt deviation. In the belt conveyor, the vibration caused by the radial runout of the idler has the greatest impact on the belt deviation.

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