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What are the specific causes of chain breaking of scraper conveyor?

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1. During the operation of the scraper conveyor, due to the blockage of foreign matters in the materials, the force on the scraper increases instantly, resulting in a fracture accident; Due to the design defects, the scraper box slideway, side plate and bottom plate stuck scraper ring chain during the trial run of the scraper conveyor broke.

2. The tension of the circular chain of the scraper conveyor is increased due to the too tight pretightening force of the tensioning device, which is easy to cause chain breakage, tail seat overturning and other accidents at the moment of starting the scraper conveyor.

3. Due to inadequate maintenance during the operation of the scraper conveyor, the circular chain is too loose, severely worn, or the cone wheel at the head and tail of the machine is worn, missing teeth and other problems occur, leading to the scraper chain dropping, chain jumping, and chain breaking caused by the scraper deformation.

4. The scraper conveyor is overloaded due to the instantaneous excessive production capacity, which will also increase the tension of the circular chain, which will exceed the design range of the circular chain and break.

5. The uneven incoming materials of the scraper conveyor lead to changes in the pitch of the circular chain on both sides, and finally the circular chain breaks due to uneven stress.

6. During the operation of the scraper conveyor, the connecting bolts are broken due to fatigue, uneven stress, nut tripping, etc., which causes the ring chain to break.

7. The circular chain of scraper conveyor has creep due to long-term operation, which leads to poor meshing of chain and teeth during operation, leading to chain dropping and chain breaking accidents.

8. The scraper conveyor has uneven force on the scraper due to the uneven wear of wear-resistant materials (such as cast stone plate and wear-resistant steel plate) at the bottom of the chassis during long-term operation, resulting in chain breakage.

9. The chain of scraper conveyor is broken due to excessive coal padding in the chassis and increased resistance. In addition, according to the different materials transported, the high corrosivity will also shorten the life of the circular chain and cause chain breakage.

In addition to the above reasons, other external factors may also cause equipment accidents. Therefore, the inspection and maintenance of scraper chain should be strengthened in actual work, and some corresponding management measures and on-site protection measures should be taken.

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