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What is the braking device of mining flatbed truck/ What is the function of the braking device of the mining flatbed truck/ Under what circumstances will the flatbed truck brake device be used?

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The flat car is widely used in the production of coal mines. It is the main transport device of the mine transport pump station, mobile transformer, switch, etc., and moves forward with the advance of the mining face. Due to the special working conditions of the underground working face, if the flat car does not have a reliable braking device when it is pushed to the inclined mining face, it may move on its own on the track, causing potential safety hazards. In this case, a screw type braking device can be used. The braking device has reliable performance and good use effect. With the spiral braking device, reliable braking can be achieved only by turning the handle of the braking device, which can solve the problem of slip of the mining flat car in the process of advancing the inclined mining face. This device is only applicable to the braking of flatbed truck in static state, not applicable to the braking during traveling.

The braking device adopts the screw transmission principle. The main screw is fixed on the flatbed truck, clamped by the screw, and the main part of the braking is moved downward by rotating the screw. The rail surface is compressed from the upper side, the left and right brake arms clamp the rail web, and the three opposite rails are clamped to prevent the flatbed truck from sliding by itself. When the flatbed truck needs to move, the screw drive is used to open the brake arms on the left and right sides, and the main part of the brake is lifted up along the slideways on both sides to avoid hindering the normal travel of the wheels. According to the service conditions, special attention shall be paid to the reliability and practicability of the braking device, and the matching installation with the main flat car shall be taken into account.

The main body of the braking device is composed of a screw rod, a nut, an upper connecting rod, a lower connecting rod, a brake arm and a connecting pin. The screw rod drives the nut up and down by means of a thread drive to generate a compression force; The nut simultaneously plays the role of preventing the transmission pressure of the connecting rod from rotating when it is matched with the chute; The upper connecting rod mainly connects the nut with the brake arm and transmits the pressure; The lower connecting rod is used to twist the two brake booms and ensure that the clamping position is the rail center, so as to prevent the left and right offset of the compression center; The brake arm effectively clamps the webs on both sides of the track by lever action.

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