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What is the difference between an AC motor and a DC motor/ What are the advantages of AC motor compared with DC motor?

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1. Compared with DC motor, AC motor has simple structure, low cost, reliable operation, convenient maintenance, small inertia and high efficiency. If battery electric locomotive is replaced with AC drive, it will obviously bring many benefits.

2. As DC motor has brushes and commutators, it must be checked and maintained frequently. Reversing sparks also make it not suitable for the gas environment of coal mines. Although explosion-proof DC motor cars can be used in coal mines, the cost is too high. When AC motor is running, there is no commutation spark phenomenon like DC motor, so it is easier to achieve explosion-proof. Therefore, compared with AC motor, it is more suitable for explosion-proof environment.

3. AC speed regulation system can effectively save energy, so people began to study the application of AC speed regulation technology to battery electric locomotives in coal mines, and have made some achievements. In particular, many advanced industrial countries abroad have completed the transformation of the DC motor speed regulating system of the electric locomotive into an asynchronous motor AC speed regulating system. Therefore, the coal industry of our country also urgently needs to reform the DC to AC speed regulation system of electric locomotive.

For AC motors, because asynchronous motors have the advantages of simple structure, reliable operation, long service life, low cost, simple maintenance, etc., for a long time, asynchronous motors have played a leading role in the occasions where speed regulation is not required, such as the drive of fans, water pumps, and ordinary machine tools. AC asynchronous motors are widely used to drive machinery. However, its speed regulation performance is poor, the starting torque is small, the overload capacity and efficiency are low, and in this kind of drive, the generation of its rotating magnetic field needs to absorb reactive power from the grid, so the power factor is low, especially when the load is light, which greatly increases the loss of the line and the grid, virtually losing a lot of power.

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