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What technical measures can be taken to prevent belt conveyor injury accidents?

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1. Install the emergency switch. One emergency switch can be installed if the belt length is less than 10 m, and two or more emergency switches can be installed if the belt length is more than 10 mm according to the length of the belt and the site layout, level, span, etc. The emergency switches should be clearly marked and there should be no obstacles nearby. For single machine belts with long linear distance, but at the same level, large span and small lifting height, safety rope control emergency switch can be set. The emergency switch shall be calibrated regularly to keep it flexible and reliable.

2. Install the bridge. For the belt conveyor, a pedestrian bridge shall be set up every 20-30m. The bridge shall be connected with the safety passage. No one is allowed to cross the belt. The span between the belt conveyor and the buildings on both sides or the edge is above, which is convenient for operators and maintenance personnel to patrol inspection, maintenance and cleaning.

3. Install necessary guardrails and barriers. Ladders, platforms and pits on the production site must be installed with guardrails and barriers as required. Metal ladders and their iron plates used as the ground shall be made of anti-skid plates. The first wheel, tail wheel and other running parts of the belt conveyor shall be installed with protective covers or isolation devices to isolate personnel from the running machine and prevent personnel and tools from rolling and causing accidents.

4. Do a good job of lighting at the production site. According to the situation of the production site, lighting shall be set at the stairway entrance, corner and drive system area, with the illumination of about 30%. At the same time, emergency lighting lamps shall be set at the areas, sections and parts where accidents may occur, and the lamps shall be painted red. The light source of emergency lighting shall be incandescent lamp or tungsten halogen lamp with instantaneous ignition, and the illuminance shall not be less than 31%. The lamps and lanterns shall be inspected frequently and maintained well. The lighting line must be separated from the power line.

5. Install dust removal devices at the places where dust is easy to rise, reduce the dust concentration at the operation site and operation posts, and improve the on-site operation environment.

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