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Where is the mining ring chain vulnerable/ Analysis of Wearing Parts of Mining Ring Chain

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The quality of the circular chain has a great impact on the production of the conveyor and the whole coal mining face. It is self-evident that the impact caused by the broken ring chain in the working process is from delaying production to stopping the whole working face. The "quality of the ring chain" we say generally refers to whether the three mechanical properties and fatigue properties of the ring chain meet the requirements of the national standard. Although the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the ring chain have attracted the attention of manufacturers and users, the domestic manufacturers of the ring chain have not yet taken specific measures.

As the transmission part of coal mining and transportation equipment, the circular chain is in great demand and easy to wear. The production process of circular chain is as follows: bar blanking → rust removal → chain weaving → flash butt welding → heat treatment → pre stretching → finished chain. When the circular link chain is in static tension, the top outer side of the link is subject to tensile stress and the inner side is subject to compressive stress; The compression stress on the outside of the straight arm and the tension stress on the inside; Shear force on shoulder; When the chain link is under stress, the force on the outside of its top is the maximum. When the ring chain is working in the well, it converts the torque on the sprocket into the tension required by the working mechanism. During this process, the chain bears the cyclic load, and it is also impacted by small energy due to the constant change of the load. When the chain link contacts with the sprocket, the straight arm of the chain link is subject to bending stress, the outer side of the top is subject to the pressure and wear of the sprocket teeth, and the inner side of the top is the hinge of the chain link. In addition to the pressure, the contact fatigue and wear will also occur due to the continuous bending of the chain link under load, and the shoulder is subject to shear force. During the operation of the chain, the straight arm of the chain link, the gangue and the chute produce three body abrasive wear. The chain is also subject to the chemical action of the downhole environment. The downhole air is humid and contains 02, H2S, CO and other gases. The underground water is a strong electrolyte, and the chain is in contact with the wet pulverized coal underground, so corrosion is difficult to avoid.

Generally, metal corrosion refers to the deterioration and destruction caused by chemical and electrochemical interactions between metal and surrounding media. According to thermodynamics, corrosion is a spontaneous process, which destroys the properties of materials and makes metal materials change towards ionization or compound state, which is a process of reducing free energy.

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